Jonathan Rose Companies

Our work is carried out by our committed team of professionals working together to fulfill the missions of our clients and partners. We invest in a deeply open and integrated work process with each other, our team members, partners and clients. Our multi-disciplinary professionals never view a project through a single lens. Instead we draw upon our human capital, financial depth and real estate expertise to create transformative solutions to complex challenges. Our approach is founded upon excellence and implemented by our inspired group of team leaders.
Jonathan F.P. Rose

Thomas P. Loftus

Chuck J. Perry

Theresa A. Bell

Wendy Rowden

Paul Freitag

Caroline Vary

Kristin Neil Ryan

JFPR_thumb4 Jonathan F.P. Rose


Charles J. Perry
Managing Partner, Perry Rose


Wendy Rowden
Managing Director, 
Rose Investments

caroline_vary Caroline Vary
Director, Connecticut Office


Thomas P. Loftus
Chief Financial Officer


Theresa A. Bell
Managing Partner, Romero Rose


Paul Freitag
Managing Director, 
Rose Development

Kristin_Ryan_thumb Kristin Neil Ryan
Director, Seattle Office