Planning—Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta BeltLine Project Management Framework

The Atlanta BeltLine project will combine 1200 acres of green space, 22 miles of new transit, trails, and transit oriented development along the historic railways that encircle the urban core of Atlanta. The project is poised to become one of the largest urban redevelopment efforts undertaken in the United States and will change Atlanta's pattern of regional sprawl for decades to come.

The planning and development program covers 10 neighborhoods and 6 study group areas. The Atlanta BeltLine Inc. (ABL) will be undertaking site acquisitions, infrastructure improvements, and park system development to link the transit beltline. The total projected cost is $2.8 billion over 25 years, to be funded through various public/private partnerships and financial instruments.

The scale of the Atlanta BeltLine project presents formidable planning and implementation challenges. Jonathan Rose Companies worked closely with ABL to develop a comprehensive collection of project management tools designed to provide the framework upon which the client can plan and execute the BeltLine project.

The ABL tools are premised on the fundamental idea that good project management relies upon simple, reliable, and consistent methods for gathering and reporting relevant quantitative and qualitative project data.

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Project Profile

The development of project management tools for the Atlanta BeltLine Inc.

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Project Status

Completion: 2008

Total Project Size / Budget
1200 acres
$2.8 billion