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Founded in 1995, KIPP NYC is part of the KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) nationwide network of college preparatory middle schools. Over the last 14 years the organization has grown from three teachers, two classrooms and 47 kids to 200 staff, six schools and 2,100 kids. 

KIPP's mission is to teach students of all ages to develop the character and academic skills necessary to succeed in high school and college, to be self-sufficient, successful, and happy in the competitive world, and to build a better tomorrow for themselves and us all. 

Jonathan Rose Companies' owner's representative and urban planning practices were engaged by KIPP NYC to provide site search and selection services for two new K-4 elementary schools in Harlem. Jonathan Rose Companies is steering the site selection process to align carefully with the organization's strategic vision for expansion and to meet the demands of the school's timetable and programmatic needs.

Within the next four years, this tremendously successful organization will open a high school and four elementary schools to provide students a seamless Kindergarten through 12th grade KIPP NYC experience. These new schools will be based on KIPP's fundamental promise to do whatever it takes for the students to learn.

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Consulting services related to property and site search for two elementary schools.

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Total Project Size / Budget
40,000 sSF