Planning—Morristown, New Jersey


Since its founding nearly 300 years ago, Morristown has been a springboard of transformation. Morristown first rose to national prominence as the military capital of the American Revolution. Decades later, Morristown, as the birthplace of the telegraph, maritime steam engine, and the American Telegraph and Telephone Company (AT&T), was at the center of an industrial revolution. Today, Morristown is poised to lead yet again as the State's first designated “Transit Village” with a policy commitment to become the most sustainable community in the New Jersey and as a national model of compact, transit-oriented urban design.

As the directors of Morristown's Planning Department, Jonathan Rose Companies developed policies and programs that facilitate the Town's commitment to a sustainable and livable Morristown through establishing and supporting smart growth land use patterns, sound economic development strategies, civic engagement, and contextual urban design. Working alongside municipal leaders, Jonathan Rose Companies has crafted and continues to refine a long-term vision with pragmatic strategies. Focused on viable redevelopment and revitalization plans for implementation, Jonathan Rose Companies is improving the planning tools to facilitate high-quality development that builds pedestrian-friendly streets, attracts and supports local businesses, creates livable and diverse neighborhoods, and supports quality schools and cultural facilities. In addition, Jonathan Rose Companies is leading the Town's efforts to incorporate green and sustainability strategies and policies in all of the town's master planning and growth efforts.

Jonathan Rose Companies is also serving as the planning consultant to the Town's Planning Board. In this capacity, Jonathan Rose Companies reviews applications to the Planning Board, including various development proposals, ensuring compliance with the municipal land use and zoning regulations and consistency with the Town's values, vision and policies.

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Policy and Program development that facilitates the Town's commitment to a sustainable and liveable Morristown

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Completion: 2013

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