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South Bronx Greenway

The master plan for the South Bronx Greenway includes phased civic improvements and open spaces that link the Bronx neighborhoods of Hunts Point and Port Morris together and to the waterfront. The creation of 1.5 acres of waterfront greenway, 8.5 miles of green streets and 12 acres of waterfront park space will connect two existing waterfront NewYork City waterfront parks – Hunts Point Riverside Park and Barretto Park. The greenway section in Port Morris will also provide a bicycle and pedestrian connection to Randall's Island.

The waterfront greenway represents the reversal of planning and development trends that have isolated the residential core of these neighborhoods from the Bronx and Harlem Rivers and from the Long Island Sound for over fifty years. The community will enjoy a thoughtfully designed and well managed waterfront. In addition, local businesses along the greenway and nearby commercial corridors will be inextricably linked to the open space resources, as the greenway is uniquely positioned to strengthen the economic sustainability of the area and the food markets indentified with the South Bronx waterfront.

Jonathan Rose Companies and Hudson Heights Partners have partnered to develop a sound business plan for the formation of a new non-profit organization that will manage and program the South Bronx Greenway. Our vision is to create a lean, entrepreneurial organization that engages in planning, development and public policy to ensure the long-term success of the greenway and its neighboring mixed-use districts. By engaging and collaborating with community-based organizations, businesses, and residents we will create a plan that allows businesses and residents to flourish.

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Planning of a new non-profit organization responsible for maintenance and programming of the future South Bronx Greenway

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Hudson Heights Partners
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Completion: 2009

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