Sustainability: Initiatives


It is typical for several multifamily building systems to run on fossil fuels, such as hot water heating, space heating, cooking, laundry, and backup power. But using fuels like natural gas, oil, propane, and diesel on-site inherently limits a property’s ability to achieve zero carbon. We assess the feasibility of making building systems electric to take advantage of cleaner power grids and offset our electric consumption through on-site renewable energy and green power procurement. Eventually, all-electric buildings can be paired with energy storage for optimum resilience. In each of our new construction projects, we assess the feasibility of all-electric systems or electric-ready design. In our acquisitions and stabilized portfolio, we assess opportunities for electrification during rehabs and equipment replacements.

Key design strategies include: Electrification of the domestic hot water heating system, all-electric appliances, on-site renewable energy and battery storage.