Realizing Vision with Excellence and Compassion.

Working to Restore the Promise of Communities: We envision a world in which every community is a thriving landscape of opportunity, in balance with nature, contributing to the common good and enabling its residents and staff to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

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Communities of Opportunity

Our vision for Communities of Opportunity is to empower residents, through the co-creation of programming and interventions, improving health and wellbeing, resulting in better life outcomes, with great housing communities as the platform.

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Our Principles in Action

Projects that demonstrate our ability to deliver positive results for residents, communities, and partners.

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The Gale Eckington

Acquisition of The Gale Eckington, a 603-unit community located at 151 Q Street, NE in Washington, D.C.

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Co-Developer with L+M Development Partners

Sendero Verde

New construction of 709 mixed-income residential units / 4,000 sf of retail / 85,000 sf of community facility space / 20,000 sf courtyard and 3 community gardens

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Project Management

Signature Theatre

Site selection, due diligence and tenant fit-out for new performing arts center

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Change by the Numbers

Quantifying the impact of our transformative work.

















units of affordable and mixed-income housing developed and preserved

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Over 3.6 million

pounds of carbon output saved per year

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average Walk Score