Our mission is to create a more environmentally thriving, socially just world through the development, preservation, renovation and management of green, affordable and mixed income housing.

Our Values are deeply felt, commonly shared aspirations that we endeavor to live by. We aspire to apply these values to all of  the social, environmental, financial and organizational issues we face. Our values define the culture from which our company grows, informs our relations with our residents, funders, contractors, suppliers and others and serve as guiding principles in how we operate.

Nurturing The Common Good
Our wellbeing flows from the health of the ecology of all life on earth and a fair and just human society. It can support us only if we support it.

Excellence With Kindness
We aim for excellence in all that we do, carried out with kindness, listening, attunement to, and caring for others.

The goals we have are large and we have neither the human nor economic resources to accomplish them alone. We can only move towards them in relationships with each other, our residents, not for profits and others.

Thriving and Wellbeing
We seek to create a company in which our staff, residents, neighbors and partners thrive with a sense of purpose, and enjoy happiness and wellbeing.

Continuous Improvement
We continually seek ways to improve our work and ways of working, to learn from our past and current work, so that our systems, processes, specifications, training methods and other ways of guiding our work become more intuitive, informed, efficient, and effective.

"The promise of a better life is too often constrained by ZIP code. Yet we know what it takes to more evenly distribute opportunity: affordable housing; meaningful work; accessible transportation; educational excellence; local health care; centers for arts and culture; and community places of contemplation and compassion."

Jonathan F.P. Rose