We Develop Communities of Opportunity

Our wide range of innovative, award-winning development and re-development projects improve the lives of residents, the fabric of communities, and the health of the natural environment.

Development as a Multi-Purpose Process

In the world of real estate, development means physical growth. To economists, development means the improvement in standards of living. In ecology, development describes the unfolding process of life toward maturity, balance, and exchange within systemic limits. To sociologists, it means the improvement of social and health conditions. In the software world, it means the steps needed to realize new innovations. In spiritual teachings, development is the unfolding recognition of our mutuality and capacity to be compassionate. To us, it means all of the above.

Each project begins with objectives, from which the project organization and design flow. The green, walkable, transit-oriented, mixed-use, affordable and mixed-income projects we develop bring communities and nature into better balance, while rewarding our partners for their contributions and our investors with competitive returns.

Healthy Urban Living

Caesura is  a distinctively modern, human-scaled building that stands out from the surrounding high-rise apartments for rent in the Brooklyn Cultural District. Featuring a mix of market-rate, middle-income, and affordable apartments, Caesura is designed to meet the needs of this diverse neighborhood.

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Our Development Focus

Development is a transformational process, in which we envision a community improvement, and then realize it through the management of its design, entitlement, financing and construction. We develop ground up buildings, redevelop existing ones, and provide development services to others.


If we are to achieve a more equitable and environmentally responsible world, we need to build it. Our development practice creates new or improved models of green, affordable and mixed income communities, in transit rich locations.

We enhance these with community serving elements such as health clinics, schools, libraries and other elements that enhance the opportunity and wellbeing of our residents and their neighborhoods. Successful new models can then duplicated by others, increasing the scale of our impact.


Working for our own account, Housing Authorities and other clients, we redevelop existing affordable housing communities into communities of opportunity with significant upgrades, making them greener, more livable, and adding space for community services.

Fee Development

The development of affordable and mixed income housing and community facilities requires deep experience meeting a wide range of design, financing, construction and operational challenges. We provide not for profit, housing authority and for profit clients with development services, helping them to realize their visions of communities of opportunity.

Human development, as an approach, is concerned with what I take to be the basic development idea: namely, advancing the richness of human life.

Economist and Philosopher

Development Project List

Explore our portfolio of development projects to see how our integrated approach results in places where people and nature thrive.

Completion: On-Going
Gowanus Green

New construction of 950 residential units of 100 percent affordable housing, neighborhood serving retail and community space, and a future public school.

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Completion: 2025

The project involves constructing a new, seven-story residential building with 134 apartment homes for low income households, over 10,000 sq ft of open space, and community spaces for fitness, yoga, community gatherings, and bike parking.

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Completion: 2024
Sendero Verde

New construction of 709 mixed-income residential units / 4,000 sf of retail / 85,000 sf of community facility space / 20,000 sf courtyard and 3 community gardens

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Completion: 2021
NC Five

NC Five is a transformative development in North Philadelphia that is located steps away from the Temple University SEPTA regional rail stop. The 2.6-acre site includes 3 buildings and 133 units of housing, serving residents from 20% AMI to market rate. There are 45 RAD units for households at 20% and 50% AMI, 66 LIHTC units at 50% and 60% AMI, and 22 workforce housing units.” The buildings include a mix of studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom units.

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Completion: 2020
Metro Green Residential

Development of 258 rental green mixed-income housing units on a mixed-use, transit oriented development (TOD) site.

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Completion: 2018
Portner Flats

In September 2013, the Rose Green Cities Fund, in ajoint-venture (the “JV”) between the Fund and Portner Development Partners, LLC1, acquired Portner Place.

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