Sustainability: Initiatives

Sustainable Procurement

In an effort to ensure that Jonathan Rose Companies remains an industry-leader in specifying materials and products that are environmental friendly and health-conscious, a Procurement Committee was created to collectively develop a set of performance criteria for key product types including flooring, appliances, plumbing, and cabinetry, and many more. Through a Request for Proposal process, we worked with product manufacturers and distributors to identify products that could meet our environmental, health, safety, durability, performance, aesthetic, and cost criteria.

The Procurement Committee is continuing to form strategic partnerships, vet products, and enter into procurement contracts. We expect to see significant cost savings from both unit-turn replacements and major rehabilitation and new construction projects. Balancing performance criteria can be challenging due to limited product selection within the price points available to affordable housing properties. To share peer learnings and use collective efficacy, we actively participate in the HomeFree Champions advisory group of the Healthy Building Network, which aims to eliminate hazardous chemicals from the built environment.

Key product areas vetted to-date include: Hard-surface flooring, carpet, appliances, plumbing fixtures, toilets, paint, cabinetry, and countertops.