Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: Belonging


Attracting, developing and retaining diverse talent, in our workplaces and the communities we serve, is essential to carrying out our mission to develop healthy communities that enhance opportunity for all.  
We value, respect and actively seek out diverse individuals, opinions, cultures and abilities at all levels of the company. We support and promote equal employment opportunity, human dignity, and racial, ethnic and cultural diversity by taking identifying and eliminating barriers that may exist in hiring, advancement and other employment practices, and set targets to create diverse candidate and interview pools for each position that we are seeking to fill.  


We recognize that the world has not provided equal opportunity to all people. Our firm has been a leader in growing the equity of all of our employees with an industry leading profit-sharing plan, in addition to standard compensation, that touches every employee who has been with the firm for at least two years, at every level, from our property staff upwards.  


We recognize the generative power of an inclusive and diverse workforce. By co-creating solutions to the challenges we face, we leverage the unique talents, skills, experiences and perspectives of our employees to enhance the communities we serve. 


Our company is committed to creating a community of belonging, in which every member is fully able to be who they are, with their rich histories and identities, woven together into a larger fabric of mutuality.  

DEIB Committee

Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: Belonging Committee was established to oversee, ensure and track the DEIB efforts of the company. The Committee is charged with the responsibility of integrating best practices for DEIB into our policies and procedures.  

The Committee’s core responsibilities are to:  

  • Establish firmwide DEIB goals
  • Review the Firm's policies and procedures to ensure alignment with our DEIB goals
  • Provide ongoing research, recommendations, and policy guidance to the Management Committee
  • Track the Firm's progress against our DEIB goals on an annual basis


In addition to the DEIB committee, the company also supports an active Anti-Racism Committee whose mission is to embed an anti-racist culture in our company, flowing from leadership through every part of our work and to apply the lens of racial equity and racial justice to all that we do.

The role of the Anti-Racism Committee is to facilitate the integration of policies and procedures throughout the company to address systemic racism.  

The purpose of the Committee is to:

  • Ensure the company is tracking racial equity and representation and is seeking to improve our hiring, inclusion and advancement policies to redress any inequities
  • Propose corporate and departmental initiatives that benefit our business and increase racial equity
  • Coordinate measures within our company's accountability structure to align goals and incentives around performatnce of antiracism work

Jonathan Rose Companies’ mission and values are deeply rooted in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (“DEIB”).

We advance the creation of a more environmentally thriving, socially just and economically distributive world through the development, preservation, renovation, and management of green, affordable, and mixed-income housing.

We envision a world in which every community is an ecological, social and economic landscape of opportunity. Because we often work in communities that have been historically marginalized, under-resourced and overly impacted, creating Communities of Opportunity with diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging at their core is essential.